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Last Updated on 13/02/2023

Without a doubt, water filter bottles are a travel essential. They help you be a more sustainable traveller by cutting down your single-use plastic consumption, and they save you money. 

Most important of all, they guarantee safe drinking water wherever you go. This is vital if you’re visiting places where drinking tap water is considered risky at best. 

But with so many filtered water bottles out there, which one should you take travelling? This Water-to-Go review can help. 

After trialling a few filter bottles in my time, Water-to-Go has consistently been my favourite, so I thought I’d write a review of my experience. 

It’s one of the best water filter bottles for travel. Here’s why. 

What is Water-to-Go?

Water-to-Go specialises in filtered water bottles for the go. On a mission to change the world, ‘one bottle at a time,’ Water-to-Go helps you save money, stay healthy and be more environmentally friendly. 

It also supports clean water projects around the world. These are just some of the reasons why I recommend this water bottle. 

Currently, Water-to-Go has three different bottle sizes in its range: 

  • 50cl
  • 75cl 
  • Active 60cl / 75cl

Each size comes in a choice of seven different colours, including blue, camouflage and limited edition charity colours. 

All bottles are lightweight and durable, each with the same water filtration system. 

Water-to-go water filter bottle 75cl with a blue sleeve in Scotland with a waterfall behind.

My trusty water bottle in action for this Water-to-Go review!

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of Water-to-Go and Amazon Associates which means I earn a small commission for every purchase at no extra cost to you. I bought the bottle myself, and I’ve been using it for a while now, so all opinions in this Water-to-Go review are honest and 100% my own. I only promote products I know and trust. 

Water-to-Go bottle review 

The bottle I’m focusing on in this Water-to-Go review is the 75cl with a sleeve. It’s the biggest size currently available, so I recommend it for travel as you don’t have to fill it up as much. 

However, all filters use the same technology no matter what bottle you choose. The only difference is the filters in the bigger bottles last a month longer on average (more on that later). 



Filtration system

Water taste




Value for money

Overall performance

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How the filter works 

All of Water-to-Go’s filters use a special 3-in-1 filter technology to get the best water filtration possible (it was originally developed for NASA!). 

So what does that mean? 

The filter, attached to the bottle lid, combines three technologies to filter out 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants. These are: 

  • Mechanical filtration – the filter has been designed to have a small pore size to prevent contaminants from passing through.
  • Electrical filtration – a positive charge reduces the pore size, even more, trapping even minuscule contaminants like viruses inside the filter. 
  • Activated carbon – a classic filtration tool that removes heavy metals and organic chemicals. It also improves the water taste!

So, what exactly does the filter remove? 

The list is pretty extensive, but examples include viruses and bacteria like Hepatitis A, Typhus and E.Coli; parasites and waterborne pathogens like threadworm and tapeworm; and metals and chemicals like chlorine, mercury, fluoride and VOCs.

Also, microplastics!

Note: Once their time is up, Water-to-Go’s filters will stop working, and you won’t be able to drink any water from the bottle. This means you won’t drink contaminated water by mistake! 

Where you can use it safely

You can use Water-to-Go filters on any freshwater source around the world. This includes non-potable tap water, streams, lakes, fountains… you name it. 

You can take it to the gym, office, hiking, trekking, camping, backpacking and travelling. You can also use it at home for guaranteed tasty and contaminant-free water (I do this sometimes). 

I’ve used it on streams in the Scottish Highlands and the Western Isles. I’ve also used it with tap water in hostels in Fiji and hotels all over Mauritius.

I’ve even used it with tap water from airport bathrooms when there were no designated water refill stations (a real gripe of mine!). 

In fact, Water-to-Go’s filters have been tested all over the world, including in China, India, USA and UK. It’s also been independently tested by three separate laboratories. 

Water-to-Go bottle review - water filter bottle sitting on a piece of wood in Scotland with views of the sea and islands behind.

Where you can’t use it 

Water-to-Go filters aren’t compatible with saltwater. Always choose freshwater sources. 

Never put other liquids in it like juices, tea or um…bodily fluids (sorry). They will only damage and clog the filter. 

Note: Water-to-Go lids and filters are not dishwasher safe, so always wash them by hand. 

Why buy a water filter bottle for travel? 

  1. Reduces plastic
  2. Saves money 
  3. Better for your health

Reduces plastic

Single-use plastic is a huge scourge on the environment. It clogs waterways, breaks down into microplastics and gets ingested by wildlife (and humans). Plastic also takes approximately 450 years to decompose, so we’re stuck with it for a long time. 

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest contributors to single-use plastic waste. People around the world buy a total of one million plastic bottles a second. That’s nearly 1.4 billion plastic bottles a day.

Water-to-Go’s filter can replace between 260-400 single-use plastic bottles depending on your size. Opting for a water filter bottle is one of the most impactful ways to reduce your plastic waste. 

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Saves money 

Water filter bottles like Water-to-Go give you safe drinking water at just 5p per litre. Now compare that to the amount you have to spend on bottled water throughout the day. 

Arguably, bottled water isn’t a huge expense (about 65p for 1 litre in the UK), but it does add up over time. Plus, you have the added faff of hunting for drinking water. 

Here’s a chart to compare the two: 


£ per litre:

£ per day:

£ per month:

£ per 3 months:

Filter bottle





Bottled water





The Water-to-Go 75cl filter lasts three months. The 50cl lasts two months. I’m basing my calculations on the 75cl filter. 

The cost of a replacement filter is £17.99 for a pack of two 75cl, but that will keep you going for six months if you’re using it for drinking two litres a day. 

Better for your health

Safe drinking water is a top priority when you travel. This is usually because the water’s chemical makeup differs from what your body is used to. At best, you might end up with a dodgy stomach (still not ideal!). 

At worst, the water could contain harmful microorganisms that could make you seriously ill or even kill you. 

Some waterborne nasties include: 

  • Bacteria
  • Protozoan parasites
  • Viruses
  • Heavy metals 
  • Chemical contaminants
  • Microplastics 

Even if you buy bottled water, you can’t always guarantee they’re free of contaminants. The Water-to-Go bottle filters all of these out of any freshwater source no matter where in the world you use it, guaranteeing safe drinking water. 

Want to know more about what the right water filter bottle can do? Interested in seeing how the Water-to-Go bottle compares to other filter bottles? Read my guide here. 

The black water bottle 3-in-1 filtration system up close.

Water-to-Go bottle review: My experience

Flashy specs and features are all well and good, but what’s the bottle like to use and is it worth it? 

I’ve had my Water-to-Go bottle for a while now, and I’ve used it on various water sources all over the world without any problems. 

I throw this bottle in my bag whenever I leave the house, whether it’s a day out or travelling. Overall, I’m very happy with my Water-to-Go. 

It’s lightweight, easy to hold and easy to carry – although it doesn’t fit into any external pocket at the side of my bag (I think that’s more of a bag problem, to be honest). 

The bottles have relatively flashy branding but a good range of colours and styles to choose from, so it’s easy to find something you’ll like. 

As a quick comparison, I also have the LifeStraw bottle, another popular water filter bottle around the same price point. 

Water-to-Go’s 75cl bottle comes out on top for me for several reasons: it’s cheaper, has a better-designed lid to protect the mouthpiece and doesn’t leak. The only downside is that Water-to-Go’s bottle sizes only go up to 75cl, whereas LifeStraw is 1 litre. 

Man in a yellow jacket ad wearing a bike helmet holding a water bottle over the rocks in a brook in Scotland.

What I love about Water-to-Go 

Here are some key reasons why I like this water filter bottle:  

Powerful filter

Water-to-Go really does have a hard-to-beat filtration system, and I feel safe drinking from it wherever I go. 

But more than that, the water always tastes good, too, which is something I didn’t appreciate until I tried another water filter bottle that had a horrible chemical taste when I first used it. 

The taste eventually disappeared after a while, but I’ve never had that same problem with Water-to-Go. There’s no dodgy settling-in period. 


Since I can’t stick my bottle in my bag’s external pockets, it gets thrown about a bit on the road, but it holds up pretty well. Although the bottle is lightweight, it feels relatively sturdy, and the colours haven’t faded at all. 

Great size 

Water-to-Go’s 75cl bottle might not be as big as other competitors, but it’s still a great, portable size for travel. Not much bigger than a standard bottle of water, in fact. 

I haven’t managed to get into the external pocket of my bag, but it can fit on a bike, and you can easily stuff it into a daypack when you’re out and about. 

Affordable price 

For me, one of the biggest selling points of the Water-to-Go is that you get a top-quality water filter for an absolute steal. 

Super high-end bottles like Grayl are about £50-£75, whereas Water-to-Go will set you back about £30, which I think is worth it for what you get. 

At just £30, it filters out 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants from any freshwater source, proving you don’t need to shell out for the privilege of safe drinking water. 

Good design 

A key feature of my 75cl Water-to-Go is the lid. It fits tightly around the mouthpiece and clicks in place. 

This might not seem like much, but it’s hugely important when keeping the mouthpiece clean and protected. There’s also no danger of it coming into contact with contaminated and unfiltered water. 

Another big benefit of the lid is that it prevents leaks. I can put the bottle in my bag without fear of spills if I don’t keep it upright (unlike my LifeStraw). 

Up close shot of the new and improved Water-to-Go bottle lid with the cap and mouthpiece.

It’s worth noting that this wasn’t always the case. Water-to-Go’s lids were notorious for being leaky, but a 2020 update eliminated the problem. 

The main difference is that the mouthpiece is slightly larger, making it easier to drink from. The mouthpiece doesn’t bend out (like the older model) but rather has a lid that clicks in place. 

Remember to use the code FB15 to get 15% off on the Water-to-Go website!

Ethical company 

Before buying any product, it’s always worth checking what the company stands for. Water-to-Go is no different. I’m hugely impressed with the company’s commitment to supporting charities around the world. 

Charity partners it works with include Just A Drop which provides safe sustainable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in underprivileged areas. 

Another partner is African Wildlife Foundation which works to support local communities and wildlife conservation across the African continent. 

What I don’t love about Water-to-Go 

The bottle isn’t 100% perfect. Here’s a review of some of the issues I have with it: 

Difficult to drink from at first

When I first used my bottle, it was quite difficult to drink out of as I had to suck quite hard (yes, har har) to get enough water. It did get better eventually, but you’re still better off taking slurps and sips rather than long drinks. 

There’s also always a tiny bit of water at the bottom of the bottle that I can’t get to, which is annoying. However, I’ve found this with every water filter bottle I’ve used, so it’s not just specific to Water-to-Go. 

Note: If you’ve ever taken a water filter bottle on a plane, you may have noticed that the air pressure causes the water to dribble out of the top when you take the cap off. Unscrew the lid carefully to release the pressure, then screw it back on before taking the cap off to drink.

It’s still plastic 

At the end of the day, these water filter bottles aren’t entirely plastic-free. The filters you replace also contain plastic (albeit BPA-free). You can get plastic-free reusable bottles, but I don’t recommend them for travel as they don’t guarantee safe drinking water. 

As it stands, I’m yet to find a plastic-free water filter bottle with the same effective technology. Even then, you’ll have to factor in weight and portability!

The good news is that Water-to-Go’s filters are 100% recyclable. The casing and end caps can go in your plastic recycling at home. The grey membrane is fully biodegradable and can go on your compost heap. 

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Only filters by drinking 

The water filtration is only activated by sucking, which is fine in most cases and for personal use. 

However, it won’t be suitable for activities like cooking outdoors or filling up other bottles with clean water. In this case, Grayl might be a better fit. 

Recap: Water-to-Go review (video)

Water-to-Go: Is it the ultimate travel water bottle? 

The bottom line for this Water-to-Go review is that the bottle won’t satisfy everyone and every adventure, but in my opinion, it comes pretty close. 

This water bottle is ideal for travellers who want to be more environmentally conscious and reduce their single-use plastic. 

It also guarantees safe drinking water from any freshwater source around the world at an affordable price point. For me, that’s hard to beat. 

It’s a huge plus if you’re travelling to places notorious for unsafe drinking water or venturing into the wilderness on a camping trip. 

water filter bottle sitting on mossy rocks beside a river with green bushes behind. It can be used on any freshwater source.

Sure, 75cl is nowhere near the same as a 2-litre bottle of water, but it’s a much more lightweight option, and you can always find an opportunity to refill it. 

Still, I’d like to see a bigger bottle size option one day. 

The bottle might not be 100% perfect in every category, but the new update on the lid proves that Water-to-Go is always pushing for improvements. 

Overall, I’m very impressed with this bottle, and I can’t wait to see how it develops in the future. 

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