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Last Updated on 19/11/2021

It’s everyone’s duty to give back to the planet and the environment by doing what they can to shrink their carbon footprint. One way to do this is by having a sustainable vacation

When planning a sustainable vacation, the first recommended step is to choose a destination that values sustainability. In that case, you’ll want to consider Costa Rica, one of the top countries with a thriving ecotourism industry!

Before you begin your travel plans, John Rabenau from Costa Rica Escapes shares what you need to know about having a sustainable Costa Rica vacation.

Choose eco-conscious accommodation

Image of a volcano surrounded by clouds in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is one of the leading sustainable travel destinations in the world!

When visiting Costa Rica, you don’t have to be concerned about whether your stay will have a negative impact on the local ecosystem because there are eco-lodges all over the country. 

The great news is that staying at an eco-lodge in Costa Rica doesn’t mean you’re missing out on a five-star experience. Instead, some of the eco-lodges come with all the standard perks and luxuries.

Besides having strict environmental rules and regulations, Costa Rica also offers incentives such as recognized awards to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness amongst eco-lodges. 

Some of the best and most sustainable eco-lodges are powered solely by solar and wind.

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Support local farmers

Trees growing in a farm in Costa Rica.

When planning to travel to an eco-friendly destination like Costa Rica, supporting the local economy is part and parcel of ensuring your vacation remains sustainable. 

In Costa Rica, you can achieve this by investing in tours of the local farms. Costa Rica has many organic farms, and you can purchase the local fair and enjoy some of the fresh ingredients.

You are also allowed to participate in some activities around the local farms by helping harvest organic ingredients, such as coffee from a coffee plantation. 

Any funds that you invest in these activities will go a long way towards supporting the local farmers and the economy.

Visit family-owned restaurants and establishments

A pot of food being prepared over a fire.

When you travel to Costa Rica, there are many opportunities to support the locals and their sustainable activities. One such opportunity that you’ll love is to patronize family-owned small restaurants to sample some culinary delights.

This helps keep your travel sustainable because the food is fresh off the farm, which minimizes emissions associated with transporting food. 

There are so many vendors and food establishments where you can try out a wide range of dishes, including rice, beans, potatoes, pork, and beef. 

You can also treat yourself to a quality cup of coffee made from the famous Arabica beans!

Go on hikes

A wide waterfall tumbling down a green rock face.

When you travel to Costa Rica, one of the easiest ways to offset your carbon footprint is by hiking. That’s because it reduces carbon emissions since you don’t need transportation to make your way around. 

Fortunately, Costa Rica is the perfect place to go hiking with its rainforests and beautiful landscape. 

If you have never traveled to Costa Rica before, there are guided hikes where you learn about the best trails while getting some exercise, all without impacting the environment much.

Engage in various ecotourism activities

Man walking along a canopy walkway.

Costa Rica is already decades ahead when it comes to promoting sustainable tourism activities. You don’t have to rack your brains to come up with activities that keep your vacation interesting. 

If you ask the local tour guides, they can suggest numerous activities you can engage in with minimal impact on the environment.

 Some great ecotourism activities to engage in when you travel to Costa Rica include whale watching, snorkeling, and volcano visits. You can still enjoy yourself thoroughly on your Costa Rica vacation while keeping it “green.”

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Use hot springs and save energy

Hot springs tumbling over orange rocks in Costa Rica.

A sustainable vacation in Costa Rica is all about limiting energy use and water conservation, so if you need a hot soak after a long day, why not relax in one of the hot springs, instead of taking showers. 

While showers are great, they also use huge amounts of water and electricity, which is the last thing you need if you’re trying to achieve a smaller carbon footprint.

Besides taking advantage of the hot springs, staying at an eco-lodge provides you with many opportunities to lower your energy and water usage. 

Some eco-lodges already have systems in place that promote water conservation and lower energy consumption among guests.

Final thoughts on sustainable travel in Costa Rica

Beach with forest and turquoise sea.

Overall, planning a sustainable vacation to Costa Rica is one of the best ideas you could ever have. A vacation in Costa Rica can be filled with so many interesting eco-friendly activities and it’s all by design. 

Costa Rica’s efforts to build a successful ecotourism industry are well-documented and a brief stay in the country will definitely teach you a thing or two about what true, sustainable living involves.

Written by John Rabenau from Costa Rica Escapes. Discover the trips they offer here.

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