Paphos is a popular destination in Cyprus. The sunny, seaside city is close to an international airport and offers plenty to keep you happy whether it’s ancient history, glorious beaches or authentic places to eat. 

Its proximity to some of the island’s most beautiful sites makes it a fantastic base to explore more of Cyprus too. 

So, if you’re looking for day excursions from Paphos, you’re in luck. I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite places to visit on the island and the easiest ways to reach them.

Don’t worry if you don’t drive. Most of these trips can be done without a car, which is a win for sustainable travel too!

From UNESCO-certified villages to the birthplace of a goddess, discover 15 wonderful day trips from Paphos, Cyprus.

Map of the day excursions from Paphos

Be amazed at Avakas Gorge 

Narrow limestone rock formations creating a tunnel known as the Avakas Gorge in Paphos.
The otherworldly Avakas Gorge is one of my top excursions from Paphos! | Photo credit:

Avakas Gorge is one of the best day excursions from Paphos. 

A true natural gem, it was formed by a stream which wore through the limestone rock over thousands of years, creating 30-metre-high walls and rock formations. 

You can hike the 10.6km circular nature trail and spot amazing native flora such as the endemic centauria akamantis plant and wildlife including hares, lizards and falcons. 

One important thing to note, parts of the trail are rated difficult as some of the rock formations are narrow and slippery. Sturdy footwear is advised. 

The gorge is about a 40-minute drive up the coast to the beginning of the Akamas Peninsula. 

If you would prefer to step your Paphos day excursion up a notch, I recommend travelling to Avakas Gorge in a 4×4 like this highly-rated Jeep safari tour. 

The tour includes a trip to the stunning baths of Aphrodite’s Grotto and Lara Bay Turtle Conservation. It also includes sea caves, a shipwreck and a wine tasting. 

The small group tour is very popular so book it in advance to avoid disappointment!

Visit Lara Bay Turtle Conservation 

A golden sandy beach curved around with foothills inland and clear blue waters of Lara Bay in Cyprus.
Lara Bay, a vital nesting ground for turtles in Cyprus | Photo credit:

If you’re a wildlife lover then Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station is a must-visit. 

Located about 27 minutes by car from Paphos as you had towards Akamas Peninsula, Lara Bay is a secluded beach dedicated to nesting and hatching turtles. 

The conservation team is run by the State Department of Forests and Fishery, and it works to ensure that baby turtles hatch and make it to the sea successfully. 

The best time to visit is between mid-May to August when turtles lay their eggs and the babies hatch. All nests are protected and you can only access the beach on foot so that you don’t disturb them. 

Explore Omodos Village

Traditional lace cloths hung up around a doorway surrounded by plants in Omodos Village, Cyprus.
A traditional lace workshop in Omodos | Photo credit:

Omodos is a pretty UNESCO-certified mountain village about an hour’s drive from Paphos. 

It’s one of the most popular Cypriot villages but don’t let that put you off! It was a top favourite place of mine when I visited Cyprus. I loved exploring its labyrinth of cobblestone streets and picturesque cottages. 

Plenty of opportunities for souvenir shopping can be found in its many artisan shops too. 

You’ll spend a happy few hours browsing tables laden with sweets, glassware, fresh bread, homemade arts and crafts, and lace. 

Make sure you have a look at the True Cross Monastery, one of the island’s oldest historic monasteries. It’s also thought to be the home of the True Cross. 

Rather not drive? This tour combines a trip to Omodos with Kykkos Monastery and the highest village in the Troodos Mountains. 

It also includes a stop at Paphos Forest, and you have a chance to enjoy the views across the island at Throni. 

Sample the wine at Oenou Yi Winery 

Views of vineyards and a village nestled among the foothills of the Troodos Mountains at Oenou Yi Winery.
Pretty views from the terrace at Oenou Yi Winery

A couple of minutes’ walk from Omodos Villas is Oenou Yi Winery, a contemporary winery overlooked by Mount Olympus. 

It was founded in 2017 so it’s relatively new but it’s helmed by a tenth-generation winemaker so I can attest that the wine is pretty great. 

I did a tour of the winery before stopping off at the tasting room where a good few wines were sampled. I finished off the tasting with a shot of Zivania, a Cypriot pomace brandy. 

My absolute favourite thing about Oenou Yi Winery isn’t actually the wine, but the restaurant terrace. 

As you go through two enormous glass doors, you’re greeted by panoramic views of the Troodos Mountains and Omodos nestled among vineyards. 

It’s a pretty spectacular choice if you’re looking for day excursions from Paphos with incredible views!

Enjoy a leisurely day at Tochni Village 

Tochni Tavern view for Cyprus itinerary. Pink flowers surround a terrace with a view of Tochni village on the hill opposite.
Village views from Tochni Tavern

With a history spanning more than ten or twenty centuries, Tochni is thought to be one of the oldest villages in Cyprus. 

Many medieval houses made from traditional Cypriot stone still stand today. They’re protected under an agrotourism designation which aims to keep traditional Cypriot heritage alive in small rural communities. 

The village is a fascinating higgledy-piggledy labyrinth of winding streets and ancient houses. One of the best things to do here is simply wander and see where the streets take you. Look out for the ruins of a Latin church in the village centre. 

If you find yourself getting peckish, head to Tochni Tavern which has great views of the village and quite possibly the best halloumi around. Seriously, I couldn’t get enough of it!

Tochni is just over an hour’s drive from Paphos, between Limassol and Larnaca so it’s best enjoyed combined in a short one-day road trip along the south coast of Cyprus. 

Feel the power of Millomeris Waterfall

Image of Millomeris Waterfall tumbling down rock into a pool below with a tree growing beside it in Cyprus.
The beautiful Millomeris Waterfall tumbling down the rock in Platres | Photo credit:

Deep among the pine trees of the Troodos foothills is the village of Pano Platres. This quiet and unassuming village has three surprising stories to tell. 

First, it was here that Daphne du Maurier planned and wrote some of the famous gothic novel, Rebecca. 

Second, the Nobel prize winner for Literature, George Safaris also stayed here. 

Third, it’s home to one of the tallest waterfalls in Cyprus – Millomeris Waterfall. 

The waterfall is a spectacular sight hidden among the trees. Water tumbles down the side of a rock at a height of 15 metres into the pool below. 

The best way to access it is via the Millomeris Waterfall Nature Trail which takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

Why not combine Millomeris Waterfall with all the top sights of the local area on a small group day tour from Paphos?

This tour will take you to the 15th-century Venetian Bridge in an ethereal location surrounded by forest. You’ll also visit Omodos and the highest point of the Troodos Mountains. 

Set sail in the Blue Lagoon 

The coastline of the northern coast of the Akamas Peninsula with the clear blue waters of the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus.
The crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon | Photo credit:

Possibly one of the most famous day trips from Paphos is the Blue Lagoon. Found on the northern side of the Akamas Peninsula, the Blue Lagoon is characterized by a dazzling blue sea within a sheltered bay. 

Both fairly shallow and warmer than the rest of the sea, it’s a perfect place for swimming and snorkelling. You can also find a remote yet beautiful beach which is only accessible by boat or a bumpy road which best suited to 4x4s.

Save yourself the stress of risking your car or rental vehicle by taking a tour that includes a three-hour boat ride in the Blue Lagoon instead. 

This popular tour includes a wine tasting and a visit to Aphrodite’s Grotto before you set sail on the Blue Lagoon where you can relax and swim to your heart’s content.  

Fall in love at Aphrodite’s Rock 

Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus, surrounded by blue sea.
Legend has it you get eternal beauty if you swim around this rock! | Photo credit:

If you know your Greek mythology, you’ll be familiar with Aphrodite the Goddess of Love. Legend has it that she was born on a rock which sits just offshore between Paphos and Limassol. 

Known as Aphrodite’s Rock or Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Roman), you can visit the rock today. It’s thought that any person who swims around it will be blessed with eternal beauty. 

Whatever you believe, it’s a pretty sight and well worth a stop at Aphrodite’s Rock Viewpoint to look down at from the shore. 

Alternatively, you can spend a leisurely few hours on the pebble beach which runs beside it.

One thing to note, the current was quite strong when I was there so just be careful if you’re thinking of swimming after that eternal beauty!

For non-drivers, this tour from Paphos includes a tip to Aphrodite’s Rock as well as the ancient Greek city of Kourion and Limassol Castle. This is a great excursion from Paphos for seeing the south coast of the island. 

Tour the Troodos Mountain Villages 

Agios Ioannis Lombadistis, a monastery in Kalopanayiotis. A road trip to the mountain villages is one of the best day excursions from Paphos, Cyprus you can do.
Agios Ioannis Lombadistis, a monastery in Kalopanayiotis

Cyprus’ mountain villages hold the keys to centuries of heritage and culture. Here, rural industries have been preserved for generations whether it’s crop cultivation, winemaking or handicrafts. 

Many villages are members of Cyprus’ agritourism project which works to protect artisanal and agricultural businesses through tourism. 

Discover the best villages to visit for halloumi, wineries, mezes and crafts in my guide to the Troodos Mountain villages. 

Day trips from Paphos to the Troodos Mountains are tricky with public transport. If you don’t fancy driving, I recommend doing this top-rated tour.

A mix of culture and food, the tour picks you up from Paphos and takes you to villages such as Omodos and Lofou. Highlights include halloumi tasting and trying traditional wine at a local winery! 

Eat around the island on a food tour

One of the best excursions from Paphos, Cyprus is a food tour of the island. In the image, two hands dig into a Greek salad with serving spoons next to bread and other side dishes sit on the table.
One of the best things to do in Cyprus? Eat!!

There’s no better way to get to know a place than through your stomach. Cyprus has some incredible culinary offerings from creamy halloumi to traditional sweet wine. 

Explore the island’s mouth-watering heritage nestled within the Troodos Mountains on a small group food and wine tour. 

One of the top Troodos tours from Paphos, you’ll be taken to five different product workshops, sample Cypriot delicacies and visit a winery. 

To top it off, you’ll have lunch at a traditional village tavern where the meze platters will be rolling out non-stop. 

If there’s one thing Cyprus knows how to do exceptionally well, it’s feeding you up on delicious food. Seriously, I definitely came back from my trip heavier but happier!

Editor’s tip: If you get the chance to try a local meze, my biggest advice to you would be don’t fill yourself up on the first few plates. Those plates just keep coming. Delicious, though!

Find the hidden Adonis Waterfalls 

The sheltered Adonis Waterfalls, surrounded by trees and mossy rocks in Cyprus.
A serene bathing spot at Adonis Waterfalls | Photo credit:

Add a little adventure to your Cyrus trip with a quad bike tour to the hidden Adonis Waterfalls. It’s the only place in Paphos where the water stays freezing cold all year round. 

This secretive spot on the Akamas Peninsula is accessible by a rugged track which takes you past Coral Bay, the sea caves shipwreck and Lara Bay Turtle Conservation. 

By the time you’ve ridden on the buggy and had a leisurely lunch you’ll want to cool off with a dip in the pools underneath Adonis Waterfall – so bring your swimwear on this Paphos day trip!

Discover new and ancient history at Choirokitia & Famagusta

Image of the crenellated towers of Othello Castle in Famagusta in Nothern Cyprus.
Othello Castle in Famagusta | Photo credit:

There’s one part of Cyprus I haven’t spoken about yet, Northern Cyprus, a territory under Turkish control. 

Despite political tensions and a military presence, it’s safe. However, if you want to visit, I recommend going on a tour just to be sure. Plus, it’s pretty far if you’re attempting it as day excursions from Paphos on your own. 

This full-day Choirokitia & Famagusta Guided Tour takes you from Paphos to the village of Choirokoitia for coffee and a chance to see one of the oldest and most important Neolithic settlements in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Next, it’s onwards to the United Nations Green Line and the ruins of the Kingdom of Salamis which date back to the 12th century BCE. 

You’ll see the city of Famagusta with its Gothic churches and Venetian walls. 

There will be some free time to explore here but don’t miss the guided walk to the Varosi Ghost Town to see abandoned houses which have been closed off since 1974. 

Important: You’ll need a passport to cross the border to the Northern territory. Some nationalities need a visa too.

Visit the city of Limassol 

Limassol from above next to the blue waters of the sea in Cyprus.
The modern city of Limassol with some old parts in there | Photo credit:

Just under an hour’s drive along the coast from Paphos is the city of Limassol. 

It’s the second largest urban area on the island after Nicosia so it’s pretty built up. There are still some interesting sites and attractions that make it worth visiting. 

History lovers should visit the centuries-old Limassol Castle which is now home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Limassol Old Town can be found in the heart of the city with its narrow streets and traditional markets. 

Saripolou Square is the best place to go for coffee, cocktails and food – although it’s also the busiest neighbourhood in the city centre!

Find ancient history at Kourion Archaeological Site 

Ancient Roman mosaics in the remains of a bathhouse in Kourion Archaeological Site in Cyprus.
Just a snapshot of the amazing mosaics in the bathhouse at Kourion Archaeological Site

Paphos excursions don’t get much better for history lovers than Kourion Archaeological Site. 

Just under an hour’s drive from Paphos lies the remains of what was once one of Cyprus’ most important city-kingdoms. 

Kourion was destroyed in an earthquake in 365 AD, but it’s home to some magnificent Greco-Roman structures such as the 2nd-century BCE amphitheatre and the House of Eustolios with 5th-century mosaics. 

There’s also the House of Achilles, the House of the Gladiator and the remains of the Roman Agora all on the same site. 

It’s well worth a visit if you’re interested in ancient history – plus the amphitheatre is still used today for concerts and performances!

The entrance fee is about €8.50 per person for a day pass. 

Take an eco-friendly trip with Eco Tour Adventures

A stone cottage window with brown shutters surrounded by potted plants in Arsos Village, Cyprus.
Explore pretty Cypriot villages on an Eco Tour!

If you’re keen to see the real Cyprus in an ethical way, I recommend booking a small group tour with Eco Tour Adventures. 

The top-rated tour operator specialises in off-the-beaten-track adventures to sites that are normally inaccessible to commercial tourism. 

Guides with 20+ years of experience drive its fleet of 4×4 cruisers and are passionate about Cypriot culture. 

There are three day tours from Paphos you can do. Choose to cruise up the Akamas Peninsula, take a quiet dip in the Blue Lagoon or explore the villages of the Troodos Mountains. 

Day excursions from Paphos final thoughts 

Twin cottages in Tochni village, Cyprus with blue shutters and pink and white flowers.

Paphos is a fantastic base from which to explore Cyprus thanks to its proximity to historical sites, incredible beaches, traditional villages and wineries. 

Day trips from Paphos are a lot easier if you have your own car as public transport isn’t particularly reliable on the island. However, you can still enjoy these excursions in a sustainable way by opting to do a small group tour instead. 

If you’re looking for more Cyprus holiday inspiration, make sure you check out my 3-day itinerary or find out how to go off the beaten track in this list of hidden gems.  

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