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Last Updated on 23/12/2020

As a traveller, packing is my least favourite part of the whole thing. From writing endless packing lists to feeling paranoid that you’re definitely going to forget something important, it’s a stressful process. Far from perfect, my backpacker ambition is somewhat foiled by a few certain habits I can’t seem to shake…But hey it’s okay!

  • If you watch all those smug videos about how to pack all your clothes for a four-month trip into the size of a stamp but you still haven’t quite got the knack…
  • If you feel like you’re a Tetris pro after spending five minutes rearranging your liquids in such a way that you can just about close your clear TSA bag at security.
  • If you believe that a new bikini IS a travel essential even if you do already own three that you’ve worn maybe twice last summer.

Yes, a new bikini is VERY essential and necessary

  • If you don’t just stop at one bikini and decide that you need a whole new wardrobe for your backpacking trip.
  • If you know that you’re not the sort of person who can pack a carry-on and still be under the weight limit for any trip other than a long weekend.
  • If you write a strict essentials-only-no-frills-or-luxuries packing list and find that it keeps getting longer.
  • If You feel proud that you’ve packed such an orderly system until you get to the hostel and you can’t remember if your clean socks are in the blue pouch or the red pouch, so you still end up rummaging!

No jumpers are too many when there’s COLD about!

    • If you throw in an extra jumper here and there just in case because you have an inherent fear of the cold.
    • If you have more packing gear (packing cubes to vacuum pack travel bags) than items to pack because you’ve taken the advice of every single travel blogger who ‘swears by them’ and bought them all.
    • If you equally freestyle it and not have any packing gear other than a few old bags and a rucksack.
    • If you find unpacking the most tedious thing in the world and still have a rucksack in the corner to sort weeks after you get back home!


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