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Last Updated on 29/12/2020

Having a travel blog (or any kind of blog, really) is like owning a houseplant. Hear me out. You have to feed it and place it in a spot where it can grow big and thrive. It’s a huge responsibility and not one you can do half-heartedly if you want it to succeed. You have to put in the time and commitment, and the more you give the more it grows.

At some point, the blog will come to a crossroads and its future must be decided. Depending on your level of commitment you can continue to nurture it and watch it grow yet still have that nagging feeling that it hasn’t quite reached its full potential. Or, you could take a leap of faith and put it in a new spot, change its food and hope that you haven’t accidentally killed it off. Your last option is, of course, to just give up on it and watch it die. 

Woman blogging on a MacBook with a plant beside her.

Houseplant analogies aside, I thought I would give you a bit of news about my travel blog. It first began as a space to record my experiences as a first-time solo traveller. It was an outlet in which I could impart the knowledge I had gained to other solo travel novices like me. For over a year and a half, it neither succeeded nor failed, just trundled along as any other blog on one article a week would.

I knew that if I wanted it to grow I had to invest more time and money into it, but that was the catch. I wanted the assurance that my blog had the glimmer of being successful before I invested in it whereas, in reality, you have to put the graft in first otherwise nothing will happen. 

How To Succeed In Travel Blogging And Other News - woman on her laptop at a table outside.

Last week I had an epiphany, a eureka moment while half asleep in the passenger seat of a van going down the motorway (my boyfriend owns a vegan street food company). It struck me that if I didn’t go all-in with my travel blog now I never will so why the heck not?

The worst that can happen is that it fails and I lose money but that’s always the risk in any investment. You can’t spend your life afraid to follow a dream because you’re worried about failure, and besides that money would probably get wasted on snacks anyway… So, after a few days of nervous but excited deliberation, I took the plunge and bought Nomadic Matt’s Business of Blogging Course (something I’ve been circling around for a while now. You can read a review of it here) and started a new serious-about-blogging chapter. 

Woman blogging on her laptop on a table outside surrounded by plants.

Over the next few weeks, Little Lost Travel will undergo a few changes. The blog will not be gone but rather transformed, I hope, for the better (I’m a writer, not an IT expert and WordPress is no stranger to its challenging moments). It will, of course, remain a travel blog, that will never change.

I started my blog out of my love of travel not knowing that I would be quite so passionate about it and eager to build something out of it. Now, marrying my love of travel with my passion for protecting the planet, I hope to create a travel guide that will inspire travellers to find new and ethical ways to explore this incredible world. 

I know this week’s post is not my usual style. For one thing, it appears to have nothing to do with travel, at least in the physical sense. I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you my travel blogging journey and shed some light on the future of Little Lost Travel so thank you for sticking with me. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for my blog over the coming weeks. 


Thanks for reading,

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