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Last Updated on 23/12/2020

The best part about travelling is having the freedom to discover new places and experiences in the furthest reaches of the world: it’s empowering! But sometimes even travellers need a break from non-stop travelling. After all, we all need a holiday. Sometimes you just need some time to relax from the busyness of the world and what better remedy than sunny weather and a white sandy beach?

For many of us, the beach is an idyllic sanctuary of calm but little do we realise it’s harder to figure out than we think. From administering sunscreen to finding sand in odd places for months afterwards, a visit to the beach never goes quite as smoothly as you would think…but hey it’s okay!

– If no matter how much sunscreen you smother all over yourself you always end up with red patches showing up the places you’ve missed (otherwise known as the solo traveller triangle if you get one on that hard-to-reach spot on your back!)

Who knew lying in hammocks all day could make you so tired?

– If you’re always utterly exhausted from a long day of doing absolutely nothing but lying around on the beach. Seriously though, it’s tiring work…

– If you quickly discover that luscious beachy waves are a myth peddled by haircare companies when you find yourself cursed with a crusty untidy mop on your head which no amount of washes will fix the moment you get to the beach.

– If you resign yourself to the fact that you will spend the rest of your life finding sand from that one holiday in the most unlikely of places and there’s no amount of shaking or washing you can do beforehand to avoid it. You just have to accept your fate.

When you take a mini beach with you once you’ve left the bigger version behind…

– If all of your well-intentioned plans for the day are abandoned because you’re quite frankly too lazy and too lethargic to move. Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow…right?

– If you like the idea of sunbathing and going home with a glowing tan but in reality when you try it all you seem to get is very hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. It would be a lot easier if the sun wasn’t so damn hot!

– If you feel greasier than an unwashed frying pan after covering yourself from head to toe in sunscreen and insect repellent every day.

– If you finish the one book that was meant to last you the holiday within the first couple of days so you just go right back to the beginning again.

– If you basically never take your swimwear off for the duration of the holiday.

The next holiday can’t come fast enough!

– If you buy an ice cream and end up stickier than a kid at a funfair as you fight (and fail) against the deluge of sweet melting calories.

– If you’ve contemplated selling your soul if it meant a lifetime of travelling in a blissful sun-soaked bubble. In the meantime, the next holiday can’t come fast enough!