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How to survive winter (habits all travellers are guilty of…)

Winter always makes me want to travel. It’s that time of the year when the nights draw in closer and the morning frosts make it nearly impossible to get out of bed. The festive season descends inappropriately early and before you know it, you’re caught up in the bustling chaos of Christmas music, heart-wrenching TV adverts, and tinsel all before the end of November!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the festive season. But when the cold makes you want to stay in bed for the next few months with a bottomless bar of chocolate and a TV show, the thought of backpacking feels like the perfect escape. Basking on a warm sunny beach or exploring a faraway city is a dream come true on a cold, rainy commute to work. Who wouldn’t prefer to go on a tour around the globe than brave that last-minute Christmas shopping?

Admittedly, these mountains know how to wear a coat of snow

If, like me, the thought of winter makes you want to get the next plane out of here… then hey it’s okay!

  • If you start up your laptop intending to chip away at that Christmas shopping only to find yourself accidentally on purpose opening Skyscanner and clicking the ‘Search Everywhere’ button. Maybe It’s some kind of reflex… or something… but that doesn’t stop you from looking wistfully at those tempting flights to Greece though.
  • If you secretly hate your friend for being able to escape to somewhere enviously warm this winter. You would gladly give your right arm to join them but you grudgingly content yourself with admiring their Instagram photos from under a pile of blankets instead.
  • If you convince yourself that it will be you who escapes the winter next year, but you know deep down that it probably won’t happen. Someday though. Keep believing it.
  • If you would happily swap ugly bulky Christmas jumpers (in fact, any jumpers!) for some swimwear and a comfortable 30ﹾC heat. Who says you can’t be festive and be warm?
A cocktail in the sun would be pretty good right about now.
  • If you daydream about that time when you spent luxuriously long days lazing around on the beach on a particularly chilly commute to work. Remember what it was like to be *too hot? * No, nor me…
  • If you would rather run to the airport than battle your way through hordes of Christmas shoppers. At least then you would actually be going somewhere unlike the ten-person long line at the till!
  • If you mentally add up all the booze, food, parties, and presents this festive season will cost you and wonder if it would be cheaper to go to the Caribbean after all?
Maybe the Caribbean is possible after all?
  • If the wintery temperatures abroad feel different from the cold at home because, well, you were travelling so it made it much more fun…and bearable.
  • If all you want for Christmas is a one-way ticket to somewhere far, far away if it’s all the same to you Mariah Carey



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