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Travel hack: Solid toiletries for when you need to pack light

Packing light is a traveller’s dream. Nothing beats the satisfaction of bundling your sparse belongings into a tiny carry-on suitcase and whisking it off to the airport without so much as a glance at the checked luggage counter. Carry-ons are hassle-free, and it makes travelling so much easier when you’re not bogged down with baggage. But getting the packing bit right is a challenge.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with that old game of Ziplock bag Tetris? The one where every essential item in your carry-on seems to resemble a liquid of some kind and you’re left shoving these little 100ml blighters into every available crack and corner of your TSA-friendly Ziplock bag. It takes a go or two and a few different strategies, but you squeeze them all in hoping the bag won’t explode until at least after you got through the security bit at the airport.

Carry-ons are great, but we could really do without those tiny bottles of liquid toiletries than run out after a few uses. Now, luckily, we can. Solid toiletries are becoming a reality and Ziplock bag Tetris can now be a thing of the past. Swapping liquid toiletries for solid alternatives not only saves you a lot of packing stress, but it’s also more economical because you get more uses out of your product. If looked after, they can last you months. Gone are the days when you tried to stretch out the contents your tiny 100ml shampoo bottle for an admirable and impossible length of time.

Solid toiletries are kinder to the environment. They last twice as long as their plastic bottled cousins, which means less waste. In fact, most of them don’t even have plastic packaging to throw out! Incorporating them into your packing list is a great way to limit your single-use plastic consumption, and it saves you a lot of stress with your carry-on.

Take a look at this list of solid toiletries below to get you started on your carry-on luggage revolution:

The Little Goat Soap Company Shampoo bar

A pick-me-up for travel-worn hair

This shampoo bar produces silky suds and leaves your hair feeling softer and thicker. It’s a welcome treat for damaged travel-worn hair, particularly after long exposure to that dehydrating recycled oxygen in planes. The shampoo is perfect for those with sensitive skin and its soothing formula can be used to relieve the discomfort of Eczema, Psoriasis and itchy scalps. It’s cruelty-free but not vegan so if you would prefer a vegan solid shampoo alternative, New Shampoo Bar by Lush gives your hair a wonderfully healthy shine.

Funky Soap Conditioner Bar

Deliciously natural and smells divine

This citrusy conditioner bar smells good enough to eat! Handmade by a small business located in East London, its ingredients are completely natural and plant-based. A little goes a long way with this conditioner and it’s recommended that you only use a sparing amount to get the desired effect.  The price may be a little steep compared to a typical conditioner, but it lasts a long time. So, it actually saves you money in the long run. It’s an ideal product for longer travels as it helps you to avoid buying heavy bottles of hair products on the road.

 Gallinée Cleansing Bar

Perfect for sensitive skin

Despite its appearance this not a soap for your face. The Gallinée Cleansing Bar is completely soap-free, and its balance of prebiotics and lactic acid is designed to protect the skin’s natural barriers. This cleanser can be used for your face and body so it’s an ideal all-in-one travel essential. In fact, this handy little bar is a perfect pick-me-up for when your skin is feeling a bit dehydrated and grubby from a long day of travelling. I find cleansers quite tricky as I have sensitive skin. All too often after using them my face would feel clean but uncomfortably tight. However, when I used this Gallinée Cleansing Bar I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and hydrated my face felt.

Lush Charcoal Toothy Tabs

Brushing teeth just got more interesting…

Charcoal toothpaste is all the rage at the moment due to its tooth whitening properties. Now, thanks to Lush’s new line of eco-friendly solid toiletries, you can now get it in a dry tablet form. The plastic bottle they come in is 100% recyclable, and there are no harmful chemicals in the toothpaste tabs so it’s ideal if you’re thinking about your environmental impact. You nibble on the tablet to get a paste. Admittedly it’s a method which takes some getting used to but at least you won’t have to worry about using up your tiny travel toothpaste in about three days.

Lush Crème de Menthe Mouthwash Tabs

Prepare to be fizzed

Thanks to Lush you can even get a solid mouthwash for your travel essentials. Similar to the Toothy Tabs, simply pop one tab in your mouth, take a sip of water and feel the tablet start to fizz. It’s a pretty intense sensation but they’re so travel-friendly you can just slip them in your bag and use them on the go. They’re not recommended to replace brushing your teeth, but these little tabs are super handy if you’ve been travelling for most of the day and you feel like a quick blast of minty freshness to make yourself feel less grungy.

Salt of the Earth Crystal Classic Deodorant

The never-ending deodorant

Not only is this crystal deodorant perfect for travel but it’s a great investment because it lasts a long time. Seriously. I’ve had mine for about seven months now and I still have a lot left before I need to think about replacing it. This deodorant has only one ingredient: Potassium Alum which means it’s essentially a huge rock of salt. It’s completely fragrance-free so it can suit anyone and there are no harmful chemicals to worry about. If you would prefer something a little stronger, particularly if you’re going to hotter climates, simply spray Tea Tree Water by Lush and then roll-on with the deodorant. It’s another liquid to add to the pile, true, but if you swap in a few solid toiletries you should be able to find some room in that Ziplock bag.

(All these products are cruelty-free)


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