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You know you’ve got the travel bug if…(habits all travel addicts are guilty of)

You would think that going travelling would satiate a travel bug, at least until you get back home, right? I did too, and oh how naive I was! In fact, travelling isn’t a cure for the travel bug, it’s a cause. All it takes is for one long haul flight to make you realise how easy and accessible travelling is once you put your mind to it.

Suddenly the world is opened up to a thousand opportunities and you don’t want to go home to be one of them. If you’re already on your trip of a lifetime but you can’t help thinking about where you want to go next, or you’re at home wishing you were worlds away, then you’ll recognise these travel bug symptoms below:


You constantly have Google alerts for multiple flights on your phone. Just to, you know, see if anything comes up…or something…


You find yourself planning future trips abroad even when you’re already on one. Hey, it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the dream alive!


Most people save up for a new house or car…but you put your savings towards a new travel adventure instead. You know you’ll never regret it though.

Stunning views are never regrettable


Your bucket list of destinations to visit gets longer by the day…


Airports no longer seem like beacons of stress and you actually start to enjoy them because it means that your travels await!


You find yourself browsing Airbnb or in your spare time instead of your usual online clothing outlets. Yes, even a good hostel booking becomes more irresistible than material possessions.


You actually bother to read the spam from travel agents in your inbox with the vague intention of finding a deal you would feel rude to ignore (because then you just have to go so…).


You get more excited by your travelling ambitions than the prospect of your career because it’s about being rich in experiences am I right?

Searching for the best sunsets worldwide is not a bad ambition at all


You start to see weekends as tantalising opportunities for a brief getaway (literally anywhere will do).


You realise that the only way to fix the post travel blues is to book another trip the moment you get home.

…And then the process starts all over again…


Thanks for reading,

F x

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