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How to survive a hostel: Habits all travellers are guilty of…

For many travellers, staying in hostels becomes a backpacking norm. They’re cheap, convenient and sometimes even clean! Yes, hostels have come a long way with some of them even rivalling the facilities of fancy hotels. But the characteristics we’re all familiar with are still the same. There will always be those stories of that one snorer or the food thief, and the rustling will always seem louder when everyone’s asleep. From blowing your budget on a nicer room to paying too much attention to the reviews, the hostel experience plays host to a variety of habits we’re all guilty of…but hey it’s okay!

  • If you end up at a slightly over budget hostel because they have a swimming pool AND air con. It may not meet the approval of the hardcore backpacking ilk but who cares? It’s just too good a treat to miss!
  • Equally, if you opt to stay in a private room after a long flight instead of bunking in with a 10-person mixed dorm. Absolutely no one is getting in the way of you and your badly needed sleep.
  • If you wake up to ominous rhythmic squeaking in the bunk bed above you and you hope it’s not what you think it is. Time to reach for that iPod again…
black headphones with mobile smartphone
One of the most important hostel essentials for your hostel survival
  • If you arrive late and can’t find your torch so you give up the contents of your rucksack as a lost cause rather than risk the painfully inevitable rustling and wake up the whole dormitory.
  • If you can’t sleep without your earplugs because snoring sends you into a Hulk-like rage.
  • If you’re a solo traveller and you feel a familiar pang of nerves every time you walk into a new common room alone. It never gets old no matter how well-travelled you become.
  • If you choose a hostel based on its reviews more than its description or location. Yes, it may be half an hour from the airport but is it CLEAN?
  • If you find the politics of a hostel communal kitchen a little too stressful and as a result eat a few too many ready meals than you should.
apartment blinds cabinets chairs
Where are the knives and forks kept?
  • If you end up staying in a hostel a lot longer than planned because it’s basically your new home from home but better. What travel itinerary?
  • Or if you accidentally book a night-time flight which means the luxury of even the most minimalist hostel beds isn’t an option and it’s the airport floor for you.
  • If, after joking about slumming it in crowded dorms, you actually miss the sociability of the hostel life when you return home to your eerily quiet bedroom.


What hostel habits are you guilty of? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for ready,

F x

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