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10 reasons to be a solo female traveller

When I decided to travel, going solo was more of a predicament than a choice. No one wanted to do exactly what I wanted. But it didn’t feel right to just abandon my plans and join someone else out of the fear of being lonely or vulnerable.

Solo travel felt more of a challenge at first. But over time, as my trip gets ever closer I’ve found that my nerves have been overcome by excitement. I find myself looking forward to travelling alone because of the sense of achievement and empowerment it will bring.

Whenever my nerves regain some ground again I think of these ten reasons to experience being a solo female traveller below:


  • That feeling of triumph when all those months of planning and stress pay off and you’ve finally made it to the other side of the world all on your own!
  • You’re completely in charge of where you’re going next without any compromises because hey, it’s your time! You can relax on a beach guilt-free if you want instead of racing to take in each and every landmark.
  • When you’re a solo traveller you automatically become more approachable which invites the possibility of new friends and new experiences to treasure forever.


  • But equally, you have the option and the courage to say no when you feel like it and experience some alone time to just be you.
  • Everywhere you go will have its challenges, but they will only assist your problem-solving skills. These skills will allow your self-confidence to grow and benefit you for a lifetime.
  • Discovering that being able to limit yourself to only the essentials is not a myth, and they really can be packed into one backpack in such an efficient way that frantic rummaging is avoided.
  • Embrace that pre-trip crippling fear because all the planning in the world will never make you feel 100% ready.


  • Use your travels to improve your photography skills because the best souvenirs are memories and what better way to capture them than with a good quality photo? Say goodbye to the photo-bomb thumb (in my case) and own that camera.
  • It’s important to understand that travelling is a huge privilege which isn’t awarded on a universal scale. Be grateful every day for such an opportunity, even when it’s hard, and appreciate it to its full potential for all the ladies out there for whom travelling can only remain a dream.
  • And finally, alone time with yourself is a rewarding experience which will make you become more self-aware and independent. Having the courage to travel by yourself will make you realise that you don’t need to fit in with anyone else to appreciate you for you. A woman who knows what she’s capable of is unstoppable and such a realisation of strength will serve you long after your trip has ended.


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F x

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