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Why you should never travel (my tongue-in-cheek word of warning)

A lost cause: Exploring Gaudi’s stunning architecture in Barcelona

Since I began planning my three-month trip to New Zealand and the South Pacific I have come across two very different kinds of people: Those who are envious of my travel plans and wish they could go or could have the courage to go, and the ones who can’t imagine why I’m bothering.

Too right, why would anyone want to travel? It’s cheaper, easier, and so much safer if you just bottle up that restless longing to swim in a blue lagoon or climb a mountain and look down at the view. That sense of pride you get when you complete a challenging trek is nothing compared to staying put, getting a proper job, and being happy in an immobile social predicament. Yes, it’s important to stay in one place, exactly where you are, for a whole lifetime, because then you will be protected from new experiences and a notion that there’s more to life than being a cog in a machine. Because there definitely isn’t.

On no account must you let yourself travel. Bury your head in the sand if you have to. Just don’t by any means buy a plane ticket because let’s face it travelling is a luxury and you can’t afford luxuries! Fritter away your money on things you don’t need because if you travel you’ll have a rewarding experience which will shape your perception of the world for the better and enrich your character in unexpected ways. It’ll definitely make you wish you’d never left home in the first place.

Eiffel Tower? More like Eiffel T-Arrgh!

you’ll probably end up being pushed out of your comfort zone, and who would want that? You’ll end up trying a new food you never knew existed. you’ll find it absolutely delicious, which will just ruin those six meals you have on a weekly rotation at home. Breakfast will never be the same again. You might even find yourself doing something completely out of character, like mountaineering or something, and then you’ll really realise your potential. Is that the sort of risk you want to take?

Travelling broadens your horizons and sends you down new paths you never knew existed. You have been warned. It’ll put you in danger of meeting people you would never come across in your hometown which will only increase your compassion and respect for different cultures. You’ll marvel at the natural beauties of the world and find your happy place in its most remote corners. Horrible isn’t it? If you travel, you’ll have the best experience of your life and that’s far too dangerous a privilege to have flung about. In fact, lock up anyone with such a silly compulsion, it’s the kindest thing to do.



Thanks for reading.

Travellers, what would you add?

F x

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